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Shop the Look: Alaskan Cruise

Zulily has launched a three-day event called Shop the Look: Alaskan Cruise. If you are planning a cruise to Alaska and need outfit ideas or want some great layering pieces to freshen up your wardrobe, you might want to check it out! It features clothing and shoes. Sale ends Tuesday night! Note, you do have to be registered with Zulily to view the sale.

Want an exclusive ensemble with prêt-à-porter potential? Consult Shop the Look—our one-stop shop featuring A-Z essentials to create a cohesive outfit. This week, prepare to venture north with relaxed tops, leggings, skirts and cardigans ideal for layering. Nature-inspired jewelry offers a fashionable finish. “

Find the event here:

Please note: I am not a Zulily affiliate. Just sharing fun info! 🙂

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Back from our Alaska cruise!

We just got back from our Alaska cruise! We took a seven day northbound “Voyage of the Glaciers” cruise on the Grand Princess which we followed with two days in Anchorage. It was a great trip! We saw many gorgeous glaciers, ate lots of great food, and saw a ton of wildlife. Sadly, I still have yet to see a whale.

I will be writing a review shortly, but, in the meantime, here are a few photos I took. When all was said and done, I took 1,200 photos and videos. Yikes. Needless to say, I have some editing to do.

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What to Expect on Your Alaska Cruise

Fishing with my mom in Alaska

My mom and me fishing in a river in Alaska circa 1978

While I was born in Seattle, I spent most of my childhood in Anchorage, AK. My parents felt the lure of “The Last Frontier” shortly after I was born and when I was six months old, we moved. Consequently, I spent much of my childhood fishing, visiting glaciers, seeing moose, and ice skating at recess. When we periodically returned to Seattle, I remember Seattle kids asking questions like “Did you go to school by dog sled?” and “Did you live in an igloo?”

While living in Anchorage was a bit less exotic than kids imagined (we drove an Olds, shopped at Nordstrom, and lived in a rambler), it still is an exotic place. And, when you consider the world of cruising, warm and sunny destinations are far more common. It’s no wonder that going on an Alaska cruise sparks a lot of questions from future cruisers. After all, there is no mystery surrounding what you should pack while cruising to a tropical location, but what the heck should you pack when going on an Alaskan cruise in July? Hopefully this post gives you a better idea of what to expect on your Alaska cruise!

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