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Should I Go On a Cruise?

Over the years, my husband and I have been asked this question countless times. As much as we love to go on cruises, cruising is not for everyone.

  • Are you OK with just sampling a new location? If you are the type who wants to thoroughly experience a new city, cruising generally just gives you a taste. However, some look at a cruise as a way of sampling a new potential vacation destination.
  • Does the idea of laying around doing next to nothing for a whole day (or more) appeal to you? While the crew does their best to keep passengers engaged on days at sea, the activities might not always appeal. For me, watching the waves go by while I soak up the sun with a good book is the epitome of vacation bliss. If you are someone who enjoys a more active vacation, simply look for cruises that offer limited sea days and back-to-back port visits.
  • Do you get seasick? While cruise ships have structural and engineering innovations that lessen the feeling of a ship’s movement, you are still going to know you are on the water. And, if the swells are high, you are going to feel a substantial amount of rocking. There are patches, supplements, and medications you can use to mitigate nausea, but they may not work for you.

The bottom line is that you probably won’t know if a cruise is something you will enjoy until you actually experience one for yourself. There are shorter duration trips you can take that will allow you to experience a cruise without committing to a seven day sailing. Three and four day coastal trips are common on the west coast and you can book five day trips to the Caribbean out of Florida and Texas.


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What to Pack for a Cruise: My List of Essentials

Whether you consider it a dream or an inconvenience, much of what we consider normal or take for granted on land is  stripped away on a cruise ship. You can’t drive to the corner store to pick up something you need, your cell phone’s only real function is as a camera, and neither your cash nor your credit cards have any value on board (but I still would recommend keeping those safe). Weird, right?

Consequently, cruisers have come up with lists of items that make life on a ship just a little bit more like home. While I don’t claim to have anything truly innovative, the following items are on my list of what to pack for a cruise.

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