Smooth Sailing and Peace of Mind: Embracing Cruise Insurance

A sad young woman sits amongst packed suitcases

Is cruise insurance worth it? While it's ultimately up to you and your comfort zone, I wanted to share our recent experience with cruise insurance and provide tips so you can make a more informed decision. For a cruise enthusiast, being forced to cancel a cruise you've been anticipating is gut-wrenching. It also means you…

A Cruise Can Actually Boost Your Health and Wellness

During our recent cruise on the Discovery Princess, I was struck by how fantastic I felt upon returning home. Despite the sadness of our vacation ending, I noticed that some of the shoulder and neck pain I had experienced from sitting at a laptop all day had disappeared. It dawned on me that while I may have returned with an extra pound or two, this cruise could have improved my overall wellness.

Many people think of the endless opportunities to indulge in food and drink on a cruise as being bad for your health. However, I want to counter that there are also some amazing opportunities to come home healthier than when you left and maximize your wellness. From the spa treatments and fitness classes to the healthy food options and weight loss programs, a cruise can be a wonderful way to improve your overall health and well-being.

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Once In A Lifetime Experience: Whale Watching During Your Cruise

whale watching during your cruise

Cruise ships offer a variety of activities and expeditions to keep passengers entertained and engaged during their trip. Passengers have a unique opportunity to spot some of the world’s most majestic creatures in their natural habitat: whales! During a cruise, you can experience whale watching firsthand and get up close to some of these magnificent…

Exciting Shore Excursions in Mazatlan, Mexico

excursions in mazatlan

Mazatlán is located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa on the west coast of Mexico on the Pacific Ocean.  Mazatlán is known as the "Pearl of the Pacific." A beautiful beach town there are loads of exciting excursions in Mazatlan. Whether you are looking for a family day trip, or an adventurous excursion for the thrill…

Cruise and Sailing Novels

Cruise and Sailing Novels

I LOVE a good read when we go on a cruise. Whether I’m on deck soaking up the sun with a good romantic suspense or curled up in the library with a thriller, I will always tie that book to the memory of a great vacation. However, it’s not always easy to find cruise and sailing novels. From romances to thrillers, here is a collection of fiction books we’ve uncovered to help you get ready for your next voyage!

What People REALLY Wear on Formal Night

The cruise lines want us to believe that this below image is how everyone dresses on formal night. However, if you have been on at least one cruise on any of the larger commercial lines, you know that formal night is no longer that formal. Let’s examine what people really wear on formal night!

What People REALLY Wear on Formal Night  #cruise #cruising #travel #vacation #formal #formalnight
Photo via Cunard Cruise Line

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