What to Pack for Your Caribbean Cruise: City Tour

What to Pack For A Caribbean Cruise

A city tour excursion is a fantastic way of getting a taste of a new city in a cruise port. These excursions often involve stretches of time riding on a tour bus as well as walking through the city. Since we are talking about the Caribbean, this means tropical (read: hot) weather. Also, I have been on tour buses in the past that have no or limited air conditioning. Comfort, functionality, and security is the name of the game whether you are taking a city tour or exploring on your own. Not sure what to pack? Check out these tips for what to pack for your Caribbean cruise city tour!

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Smooth Sailing: How You Can Cruise Through Embarkation Day

Smooth Sailing: How You Can Cruise Through Embarkation Day

The day is finally here! Your ship has arrived and it’s time to head for the port. You should be able to cruise through embarkation day, right?

While embarking on your cruise is something people look forward to for months, it can also be a little stressful. Last minute packing, transportation snafus, unexpected issues, and long lines can turn an exciting day into chaos. If you are anything like my husband, all you’ll want to do once you are in your stateroom is take a nap (and yes, I bugged him about shoes on the bed).

However, there are some things you can do in advance to make your sail-away day more enjoyable and less tiring. It just requires a bit of planning, being prepared, and a good sense of how embarkation day works!

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Three Tips for Packing Lighter for Your Cruise

Three Tips for Packing Lighter for Your Cruise | Cruise Mood

Ever had to pay an overweight fee for your suitcase at the airport? I have! In fact, I have always been an over-packer but managed to just skirt the line until we started to cruise. Between formal night, excursion gear, and your must-haves for keeping your stateroom more organized; it’s no wonder it’s easy to overpack when cruising! So, how has this “pack rat” not paid an overweight fee since 2015 in spite of flying more than 20 times since? Allow me to share my three tips for packing lighter for your cruise!

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What To Pack For A Cruise With Kids

It's officially summer in the northern hemisphere and Royal Caribbean just launched a great FAQ video about packing for a cruise with kids. And, if you don't have kids, there are still some solid recommendations for everyone. Check out 'Royal Caribbean FAQ's: What To Pack For A Cruise With Kids' below. Did they miss anything you…

Cruise Formal Night Dresses for Under $100!

Cruise Formal Elegant Night On A Budget

I am an unabashed bargain hunter, but I also love a glamorous dress! Consequently, I am excited to share my tips for finding a gorgeous cruise formal night dress for under $100!

There are many places you can find quality on a budget, but it requires work. I’ve scoured discount stores, sale racks of department stores, and even catalogs. I’ve even gone the eBay route which is a little hit and miss. If you go that route, you ideally know the brand, are positive the dress is flawless, and the seller has a solid return policy in case it doesn’t work for you. Also, I want to see photos of the actual dress, not the one they found online from the original retailer.

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What to Pack for Alaska Cruise

Growing up in Alaska and living in Seattle, I am used to trying to look somewhat stylish when it’s chilly and/or wet. However, I realize not everyone is from a cooler weather part of the world so you might need a bit more guidance when knowing what to pack for Alaska cruise. Now that we’ve been on our fourth Alaska cruise, I thought it was time to blog with some suggestions. Your Alaska cruise packing list will be built around one important theme: Layers!

First of all, I have to give a caveat that what is considered “warm” to one person may be considered cold to someone else. For me, if it’s 65 degrees or better, it’s warm. But YMMV.

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Back from our Alaska cruise!

We just got back from our Alaska cruise! We took a seven day northbound "Voyage of the Glaciers" cruise on the Grand Princess which we followed with two days in Anchorage. It was a great trip! We saw many gorgeous glaciers, ate lots of great food, and saw a ton of wildlife. Sadly, I still…

#TravelTuesday: My First Cruise

Happy #TravelTuesday! Reminiscing today about my first cruise. We sailed the Mexican Riviera aboard the Dawn Princess and I still remember boarding the ship through the atrium and hearing the pianist and feeling dazzled. I've since learned you don't always get such a lovely first view of the interior of the ship so I am…