What People REALLY Wear on Formal Night

The cruise lines would like to have us believe that this is how everyone dresses on formal night:

What People REALLY Wear on Formal Night: Does going on a cruise mean packing an evening gown and diamonds? See what average cruisers really wear on a cruise ship elegant or formal evening and learn the dress codes for cruise lines before you set sail.  #cruise #cruising #travel #vacation #formal #formalnight
Photo via Cunard Cruise Line

However, if you have gone on at least one cruise on any of the larger commercial lines, you know that formal night isn’t that formal any longer. Let’s look at what people really wear on formal night! (more…)

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Cruise Formal Night Dresses for Under $100!

I am an unabashed bargain hunter, but I also love a glamorous dress! Consequently, I am excited to share my tips for finding a gorgeous cruise formal night dress for under $100!

There are many places you can find quality on a budget, but it requires work. I’ve scoured discount stores, sale racks of department stores, and even catalogs. I’ve even gone the eBay route which is a little hit and miss. If you go that route, you ideally know the brand, are positive the dress is flawless, and the seller has a solid return policy in case it doesn’t work for you. Also, I want to see photos of the actual dress, not the one they found online from the original retailer.


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