Once In A Lifetime Experience: Whale Watching During Your Cruise

whale watching during your cruise

Cruise ships offer a variety of activities and expeditions to keep passengers entertained and engaged during their trip. Passengers have a unique opportunity to spot some of the world’s most majestic creatures in their natural habitat: whales! During a cruise, you can experience whale watching firsthand and get up close to some of these magnificent…

What to Expect on Your Alaska Cruise

Fishing with my mom in Alaska in the 1970s.

Even though I spent much of my childhood in Anchorage visiting glaciers, going fishing, and ice skating at recess; I am still in awe of this beautiful state. I never tire of hearing my fellow cruisers gasp when they see an eagle or catch a glimpse of a whale. However, the wild and wonderful nature of Alaska is exactly what makes it difficult to know what to expect on your Alaska cruise.

When you consider the world of cruising, warm and sunny destinations are far more common. It’s no wonder that going on an Alaska cruise sparks a lot of questions from future cruisers. Will it be cold? Will I see snow? Should I bring a bathing suit or shorts? Now that I have been fortunate enough to go on several cruises to Alaska, I am thrilled to share my experience and knowledge with you!

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