What to Pack for Your Caribbean Cruise: City Tour

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A city tour excursion is a fantastic way of getting a taste of a new city in a cruise port. These excursions often involve stretches of time riding on a tour bus as well as walking through the city. Since we are talking about the Caribbean, this means tropical (read: hot) weather. Also, I have been on tour buses in the past that have no or limited air conditioning. Comfort, functionality, and security is the name of the game whether you are taking a city tour or exploring on your own. Not sure what to pack? Check out these tips for what to pack for your Caribbean cruise city tour!

Keeping Cool and Comfy

To keep cool, look for a lightweight top that isn’t clingy. Note that you may need to cover-up a bit more if touring a church or other religious center is on the itinerary so you may need to also pack a lightweight top you can throw over your sleeveless top. Check your excursion description for more information.

I prefer shorts for city tours, but you may be more comfortable in cropped pants. For maximum comfort, go for loose fitting culottes that don’t cling.

No matter what you wear, make sure your footwear is built for walking and comfort. And, if you have read my packing list essentials, I never EVER travel without moleskin to keep my feet blister-free!

What to Pack for Your Caribbean Cruise: City Tour - Heading to the Caribbean on a cruise? Whether you are taking a city tour excursion or just walking around town, check out these tips for what to pack!

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Let’s Talk Protection

Keep the sun out of your eyes and your skin protected with a packable Panama hat. A good pair of polarized sunglasses will allow you to protect your eyes while still seeing the sites. I recommend taking a couple of pair of inexpensive sunglasses in case you lose or break a pair. On our last Caribbean cruise, I fell in love with Australian Gold SPF 30 Sunscreen. I bought it not realizing it has an instant bronzer that gives you just a hint of color which I ended up loving! I have yet to notice it staining my clothing and it smells amazing.

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Speaking of protection, when you debark in port the cruise line always recommends carrying your passport or government-issued ID just in case. However, most passports now contain RFID chips as do most credit cards which opens you up to electronic theft. There are a ton of options for RFID protection on the market (including this lovely Lodis crossbody bag) which will keep your personal info safe. Since I carry smaller bags in port, I always carry a collapsible bag for souvenir shopping. I have a few of these ChicoBag totes. They wear like iron, are washable, and pack a ton of stuff.

Lastly, I never wear my “I’d be crushed if I lost this” jewelry in port. Moving and sweating make it more likely that something will fall off or break. I also never want to be an obvious target for pickpockets.


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